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Research spotlight

July 2017

Recently published research on the neural encoding of social network position is the focus of a new 'Spotlight' article in Trends in Cognitive Sciences by Oriel FeldmanHall. 


Undergraduate Research WeeK 2017

May 2017

Ruby Basyouni and Vanessa Castro both presented their CSNL research projects during UCLA’s Undergraduate Research Week.


In addition, Vanessa Castro was awarded the Dean’s Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Research in recognition of her excellent presentation of her Honors thesis research!

The lab was also recently awarded a Faculty Research Grant by the UCLA Academic Senate’s Council on Research.

Congratulations, all!

research featured in Scientific American

April 2017

A new article in Scientific American highlights our research on the neural encoding of social network position.

New publication: Spontaneous Neural Encoding of Social Network Position

April 2017

New research published in Nature Human Behaviour demonstrates that humans have accurate knowledge of where familiar individuals sit in our real-world social networks (e.g., how many 'degrees away' from us they are; the extent to which they're well-connected to well-connected others; the extent to which they bridge between different 'cliques') and spontaneously activate this knowledge when encountering one another.

This work was highlighted in a News and Views piece in the journal by James Curley and Kevin Ochsner.

For a complete list of CSNL publications, please see our Publications page.


New publication: Emotions are Understood from Biological Motion Across Remote Cultures

April 2017

A series of studies published in the April issue of Emotion suggests that similar patterns of bodily movement are used to convey similar emotions across remote cultures -- from a remote Kreung hill tribe in northeastern Cambodia, to a (slightly less) remote college town in the northeastern United States.

For a complete list of CSNL publications, please see our Publications page.

Vanessa Castro to Attend UC Berkeley

April 2017

CSNL honors student Vanessa Castro will attend UC Berkeley's Social-Personality Ph.D. program beginning in Fall 2017. She will work under Professor Serena Chen in the Self, Identity, and Relationships (SIR) Lab. We are thrilled about Vanessa's well-deserved acceptance and look forward to her continued contributions to social psychology. Congratulations, Vanessa!

UCLA Hosts the 10th annual meeting of the social & affective neuroscience society

March 2017

UCLA hosted the 10th annual meeting of the Social & Affective Neuroscience Society. Organizers Carolyn Parkinson, Jennifer Silvers, Naomi Eisenberger, and Matt Lieberman put together a program of events that brought together social brain scientists for debates, poster sessions, faculty & trainee talks, and symposia. Next year's conference will be held May 3-5 in Brooklyn, NY.

Temescal Canyon Hike

March 2017

CSNL lab members celebrated the end of the quarter with a hike up Temescal Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains. A rainy morning gave way to a beautiful afternoon and we enjoyed the waterfalls, flowers, animals, and views along the trail. Being brain scientists, we were eager to ascend to Skull Rock where we relished vistas of West LA and the Palisades. We're looking forward to another term of research and excited about having our great RAs around for a few more months!

CSNL Welcomes Ruby Basyouni

January 2017

The lab welcomes senior Ruby Basyouni as an undergraduate research assistant. Ruby has been admitted to the UCLA Psychology Research Opportunity Program (PROPS), which provides opportunities for undergraduates to begin their research careers and to acquire the needed experience for pursuing advanced studies in psychology. Working alongside Professor Parkinson, Ruby will be designing a study and collecting neuroimaging data. 

The Lab Escapes!

December 2016

Lab members Taylor Pio, Mary Decker, Meng Du, Carolyn Parkinson, Yuchen Li, and Vanessa Castro (L-R) met at an escape room in Westwood to test their problem-solving and teamwork abilities. Each lab member contributed uniquely to the effort and the team managed to escape from the "Den of the Occult" with minutes to spare!


Vanessa Castro Admitted to URSP

Fall 2016

CSNL honors student Vanessa Castro was admitted to the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP) for the 2016-2017 school year. The URSP scholarship is awarded to juniors and seniors who have a strong commitment to research and who are completing a comprehensive independent research project or a departmental honors thesis. Vanessa is also a member of the UCLA Psychology Departmental Honors Program and is working on her senior thesis with Professor Parkinson.